US: Iran’s Uranium Enrichment Move Is “Nuclear Blackmail”


According to AFP in Washington, the outgoing Donald Trump administration condemned Iran’s plan to strengthen uranium enrichment on the 4th as “nuclear blackmail”. Experts believe that the move is to give pressure to President-elect Joseph (Joe) Biden.

“Iran”s enrichment of uranium to 20% in Fordau is clearly for further nuclear extortion, and this attempt will continue to fail.”, a spokesperson for the US State Department said, “We believe that the International Atomic Energy Agency will monitor and report on any new Iranian nuclear movements.”

The Agency confirmed that Iran has stepped up its uranium enrichment at the Fordau underground facility, which is Iran’s biggest violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement so far. Trump withdrew from the agreement and re-imposed severe sanctions on Iran in violation of the agreement.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said after the announcement of the uranium enrichment plan that if all countries returned to the nuclear agreement, Iran would also resume full compliance with the agreement, which is a signal to Biden to lift sanctions.